Saturday, 13 June 2015

XML Gateway Test in oracle apps

Once the setup has been done for sending the XML Gateway, we can test the connection as shown below. (See for the setup help in this article) This is a 5-minute test that can help a customer verify if their XML Gateway can transmit a PO. Technical Support can have the client run this test and in Part 2, Step 15 has the client enter the analyst’s Oracle email address and see if the XML is received. If the PO approves successfully and the XML message is created but not received then this is most likely an XML Gateway setup issue (Product 757)

Part 1 — Create Supplier

1.  Choose the correct Purchasing responsibility

2.  Go to Supply Base > Suppliers

3.  Create Supplier

4.  Create Supplier Site

Part 2 — Create Trading Partner

5.  Choose the XML Gateway Responsibility

6.  Go to Define Trading Partners

7.  At Trading Partner Type enter Supplier

8.  At Trading Partner Name enter Supplier Name from Part 1

9.  At Trading Partner Site enter Supplier Site from Part 1

10.  At the Company Admin Email enter your email address

–Now enter the Trading Partner Details

11.  From the Transaction Type field choose (note the values will default in after you choose this combination from the LOV in the Transaction Type field):

-Transaction Type = PO

-Transaction SubType = PRO

-Standard Code = OAG

-External Transaction Type = PO

-External Transaction SubType = Process

-Direction Map = OUT

12.  In the Map field choose:  itg_process_po_007_out

13.  In the Connection/Hub field choose DIRECT

14.  In the Protocol Type choose SMTP

15.  In the Protocol Address enter your email address (the email address can be the supplier, the client’s own email address or the address of the Oracle Technical Analyst).

16.  In the Source Trading Partner Location Code enter your first two initials

17.  Save the form

Part 3 — Create the PO for this Trading Partner

18. Create a PO for this Trading Partner (Supplier), and ensure when approving the PO that the XML radio button is checked by default

Part 4 — Review your email

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