Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to clear the Oracle Applications mid-tier Cache from Front-end without a bounce in oracle apps

As the OAF trend is up, pushing the Oracle Forms behind, it is mandatory to clear the Cache, for most of the work we do such as using User Management to assign roles, enabling Responsibilities to Users through the Web Application. In other words, when we use Web Application to do any setups or changes, we require to do clear the Cache.

Gone are those days, we need DBA’s assistance to Clear the Cache.  Using Functional Administrator responsibility, we can clear the cache, which is defined in the article below.

Responsibility – Functional Administrator
Navigation – Core Services – Caching Framework – Global Configuration

Click on Clear All Cache Button and Click Apply.

Click Yes in the screen above

WARNING: Clearing the OA Framework cache in a PRODUCTION instance can cause data issues if multiple users are engaged and transacting data in the application at the time cache is cleared. Please only utilize this in Production if advised by Oracle Support Services or Oracle Development.
  1. In the Vision Instance, when we clear the Cache using Functional Administrator responsibility, the option of re-compiling may not be enabled. In such case, we need to manually compile the Java server pages.  Manual compilation can be done using the below command –
$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ –compile –flush -p 2

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