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How to Clear the Cache in Mid-tier / Bounce the Servers as a DBA? in oracle apps

As the Applications are turning more of OAF pages, we need to bounce the Mid-tier every now and then to activate the settings. This article is to describe the steps of how to Stop and Start the middle tier as a DBA.
  1. Privileges of Root / Applmgr
In this article, we are going to explain, how to clear the Middle-tier. The scripts required to do the Action are placed in

In this article we will discuss how to
  1. Find the Status of the Server
  2. Stop the Server(s)
  3. Start the Server(s)
Let’s discuss them one by one…
Now, we are going to find out the status of the Servers – Forms, Application, web …
Status of the Server can be checked by the following command –

Please note that we can use any of the .sh file and say status to pull out status of all the 4 servers.
We can switch to the location $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME and run the commands (OR) we can use the complete path from the $ prompt in any location to run the command.
  1. To STOP the Servers
Please stop all the 4 servers using the below commands from the $ prompt one by one
  1. stop
  2. stop
  3. stop
  4. stop

Make sure all of these exits with status 0. Status 0 denotes that there were no issues stopping the respective Servers.  If there are any errors, the issues could be identified in the log file mentioned in the location.
Now, let’s make sure that the Servers are down. For that we need to run the status command.

To Start/Restart the Servers
Now, we need to bring the Servers UP and running.  To get the servers UP, we need to run the following commands in the $ prompt
  1. start
  2. start
  3. start
  4. start

Make sure that every Server completes the task exiting with Status 0. Else, need to troubleshoot as per the logfile.
Let’s check the status of the Server’s after they were started …

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