Friday, 12 June 2015

Delete the Data Definition and Layout Templates in xml report

I was creating a new BIP report and i selected incorrect application name. There is no way to update application name for Data template or layout temple.

I could have updated the xdo tables and corrected the application name but i preferred to delete records from xdo tables and re-enter data template and layout template details.

I used following sql statements to delete data template and layout template for my report.

select * from XDO_TEMPLATES_B        where template_code    = :p_template_code

delete   from XDO_TEMPLATES_B        where template_code    = :p_template_code

select * from XDO_TEMPLATES_TL       where template_code    = :p_template_code

delete   from XDO_TEMPLATES_TL       where template_code    = :p_template_code

select * from XDO_LOBS               where lob_code         = :p_template_code

delete   from xdo_lobs               where lob_code         = :p_template_code

select * from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_TL  where data_source_code = :p_template_code

delete   from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_TL  where data_source_code = :p_template_code

select * from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_B   where data_source_code = :p_template_code

delete   from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_b   where data_source_code = :p_template_code

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