Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Property Manager integration with Accounts Receivables Module

Here i am going to discuss about property manager integration with accounts receivables. For integrating property manager with accounts receivables below are the mandatory set-ups required.
  • Basic Setup of GL and Ledger
  • Basic Setup of Accounts Receivables
  • Basic setup of Property Manager
for smooth flow of property manager invoices to Accounts Receivables below are the setup required from AR side.

1. Transaction Source
2. Set Max Memory to 1048576 bytes in system options
3. Remit-To Addresses

If any of the above setup are missing then invoice imported from property manager lies in AR interface.

1. Transaction Source: In property manager we have to use the seeded Transaction source "Property Manager Batch Source" . Even if we define our custom source. we will not able to import the invoices into AR. So, use seeded source available.

Navigation : Setup > Transactions > Source

2. Set Max Memory to 1048576 bytes: During receivables setup, Define max memory to 1048576 bytes in Trans and Customers Tab of system options in AR.

Navigation : Setup > System > System Options

3. Remit-To Addresses: Define Remit-To address for operating unit and country.

Navigation : Setup > Print > Remit - To Addresses

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