Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to change the Default Value for Segment Qualifier - Account Type

While Defining Values for Natural Account segment in General Ledger. We observe that Segment Qualifier gets default value as "Expense". Here the requirement is to change that default value to "Assets".


For changing the default value. Go to Oracle Application Developer responsibility.
Navigation: Flexfield > Key > Register.
Query the Accounting Flexfield and Click on Qualifier Button

After Clicking on Qualifier Button. Query the Natural Account Segment for which value to be default. After querying the Natural Account you will find the Default Value column with "Expense" as shown in below screenshot.

Change the Value from "Expense" to "Asset". Save the Work and close the forms
For Checking the default value. Go to General Ledger Responsibility. Navigate to Setup > Financial > Flexfield > Key > Value. Enter a new Value and in Segment Qualifier you observe Account type as "Asset" as default value.

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