Monday, 14 November 2016



1)Open the form where DFF is Implemented.
 and Query the Data

2)find the DFF name from Help Menu 
              =>Diagnastcs =>Examine
    Select  $DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD$ in the Block field
    select  DFF name in the "Field"
    we will get the DFF Title in the Value field.
 Copy the DFF title 

3)goto Application Developer Responsibility.

4)Query the records by using the  DFF Title.
 Select columns button and find wether Attribute
  columns are enabled or disabled.

5)Goto Segments form and Query the records 
   by using Title.

6)Uncheck the Check box called 
   "freeze Flexfield Defination"

7)Select Segents button and enter
   the new fields and save transactions.

8)Check the check box called
 "freeze Flexfield Defination" and click the 
  Compile Button.

9)System will change the DFF structure and creates 
a descriptive flexfield View.

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