Friday, 18 November 2016

Convert Single to Multi Org in oralce apps

Step- 1

Before running the Convert to Multi-Org process, make sure you do the following:

• Apply the AD Patch 2412184: ADADMIN Convert to Multi-Org Performance Improvement: Increase parallelization

• Define at least one Operating Unit, and set the profile option, "MO: Operating Unit" at Site level, to that Operating Unit's value

Step- 2

Run Convert to Multi-Org process available from the Database Objects menu of the ADADMIN utility. The Convert to Multi-Org process upgrades a standard product group into a Multi-Org product group. You can choose this option only if you do not already have Multi-Org set up.

The Convert to Multi-Org program does the following:

• Populates the ORG_ID column in the Multi-Org tables with the new operating unit value you defined at the site level profile option: MO: Operating Unit

• Sets the MULTI_ORG_FLAG in the FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS table to “Y”

• Runs the “Replicate Seed Data” program

If you define more than one Operating Unit, the replicate seed data process is run for all Operating Units.

Step- 3

After running the Convert to Multi-Org process, make sure you apply the following TCA patch as post conversion process:

• Patch 2451368: Migrate data from Customers to Site Uses

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