Thursday, 23 March 2017

Oracle Order Management Item Orderability rule in R12

There is a new interface provided by oracle to define rules to restrict certain kind of items to be ordered based on certain rules / criteria.
Customer A may purchase all items except for repair items and promotional items.
Alternatively, Customer B buys only repair parts but is restricted from buying promotional items.
Such kind of rules can be created with the new functionality in R12.1.1.
Following are the attributes that can be used to define rules:
·         Order type
·         Customer
·         Customer class
·         Customer category
·         End customer
·         Sales Channel
·         Sales Person
·         Ship to Location
·         Bill to Location
·         Deliver to Location
·         Regions
In the above screen, a rule is setup on the order type: MIXED to restrict item CM15140 in the sales order screen.
So now when an order is placed with the following details:
Order type: ‘Mixed’
Item: CM15140
 We will get a message saying that the item is restricted for ordering under the order type MIXED.
Similarly we can define rules for other attributes specified above.
One of the most common business scenarios is to restrict a particular customer ordering certain items and this can be achieved by customer level Orderability rule.
Here in the below setup, we are restricting ordering of the item – for the customer – ‘Business World’
We have a profile option required to be setup for Item Orderability:
·         OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV (Honors Item Orderability Rules) = No or NULL
Restricted Item is visible in ordered item list of values at sales order line level, but will not be saved.
·         OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV (Honors Item Orderability Rules) = Yes
The ordered item LOV displays only those items which are not restricted by the Orderability rules
The concurrent program – “Refresh Order Management Materialized views” has to be run whenever changes are made to the above profile option.
The concurrent program restricts the items or makes the items available in the LOV of the Sales order based on the above profile option.
The concurrent program is new introduced in R12.1.1

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