Thursday, 23 March 2017

Oracle OM Internal Requisition (IR) & Internal Sales Order (ISO) Synchronization

Internal Requisition (IR) and Internal Sales Order (ISO) Synchronization:

Before R12.1.1, when even a change happened on an approved Internal Requisition the change is manually done in the corresponding Internal Sales order.
Oracle has come with a solution for this in R12.1.1. When an update happens on the following field’s it will cascade from IR to ISO or ISO to IR.
·         Order quantity changes
·         Date Changes
·         Cancellations
Order quantity Changes & Date Changes
·         Change on requested quantity and need-by date of IR line reflect a change on ordered quantity and schedule ship date/schedule arrival date of ISO line respectively.
·         Cancellation of Internal requisition header/line cancels internal sales order line automatically.
·         Cancellation of Internal sales order line cancels internal requisition lines automatically.
For this to happen, we need to setup the following profile:
POR: Sync up Need by date on IR with OM
The profile option has to be set to ‘Yes’ to enable IR-ISO synchronization.
We will check this with an example:
The Sales Order line’s schedule arrival date (05-MAY-2010) matches with the need by date (05-MAY-2010) on Internal Requisition line.

Now if the Schedule arrival date is updated on Internal Sales order line, a message will appear confirming the update of corresponding internal requisition need-by-date.
We can see that the schedule arrival data change cascades to internal requisition Need-By date.
Check out our video on IR-ISO Synchronization:

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