Thursday, 16 July 2015

Finding Responsibility of a Form in oralce apps

Below is the Query, which helps you to find all the responsibilities of a Form, to which it has been attached.

SELECT   FORMS.form_name,
  FROM   fnd_form FORMS,
         fnd_form_tl FORMSTL,
         fnd_form_functions FUNC,
         fnd_menu_entries MENU,
         fnd_responsibility RES,
         fnd_responsibility_tl RESTL
 WHERE       FORMSTL.user_form_name LIKE 'CUM Workbench%'
         AND FORMS.form_id = FORMSTL.form_id
         AND FUNC.form_id = FORMS.form_id
         AND MENU.function_id = FUNC.function_id
         AND RES.menu_id(+) = MENU.menu_id
         AND RES.responsibility_id = RESTL.responsibility_id(+)

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