Monday, 14 September 2015

Add a day/hour/minute/second to a date value in oracle SQL

                                  DATE is the datatype that we are all familiar with when we think about representing date and time values. It has the ability to store the month, day, year, century, hours, minutes, and seconds. It is typically good for representing data for when something has happened or should happen in the future. The problem with the DATE datatype is its' granularity when trying to determine a time interval between two events when the events happen within a second of each other. This issue is solved with the TIMESTAMP datatype.

In order to represent the date stored in a more readable format, the TO_CHAR function has traditionally been wrapped around the date


select sysdate from dual          

select sysdate-2 from dual  -- 2 days back

select SYSDATE+1/24 from dual  --- Next one hour

select SYSDATE-1/24 from dual  -- before one hour   

 select sysdate, sysdate+1/24, sysdate +1/1440,sysdate +1/86400 from dual;

select sysdate NOW, sysdate+30/(24*60*60) NOW_PLUS_30_SECS from dual;

DescriptionDate Expression
Tomorow/ next daySYSDATE + 1
Seven days from nowSYSDATE + 7
One hour from nowSYSDATE + 1/24
Three hours from nowSYSDATE + 3/24
An half hour from nowSYSDATE + 1/48
10 minutes from nowSYSDATE + 10/1440
30 seconds from nowSYSDATE + 30/86400
Tomorrow at 12 midnightTRUNC(SYSDATE + 1)
Tomorrow at 8 AMTRUNC(SYSDATE + 1) + 8/24
Next Monday at 12:00 noonNEXT_DAY(TRUNC(SYSDATE), 'MONDAY') + 12/24
First day of the month at 12 midnightTRUNC(LAST_DAY(SYSDATE ) + 1)
The next Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 9 a.mTRUNC(LEAST(NEXT_DAY(sysdate,''MONDAY' ' ),NEXT_DAY(sysdate,''WEDNESDAY''), NEXT_DAY(sysdate,''FRIDAY'' ))) + (9/24)

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