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Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Master Note

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Master Note [ID 1126261.1]

Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Version: and later [Release: 11.1 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Purpose ---

The purpose of this document is to act as a quick reference for Financial Data Quality Management. 

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Master Note ---

EPM release is now generally available---Please review the following Articles prior to installation.

Release Announcement: Document 1306738.1
EPMA Mandatory Patch: Document 1308127.1
DRM Recommended PSU: Document 1309442.1

The following links will offer specific target articles on the corresponding topics for FDM.
Link to FDM Documentation Click here

Installation and Configuration:

Document 1308568.1 How to Use the UPSShell.EXE To Launch a Custom Script for FDM
Document 1161892.1 Configuring Necessary Roles in Windows 2008 for FDM Web Server [Video]
Document 1162823.1 Enable Drill Through to FDM in a Financial Report [Video]
Document 1067430.1 Migrating an FDM Application From a System 9 Environment to a FDM version and Higher Environment [Video]
Document 967036.1 How to setup Drill Through from Smart View into Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
Document 728181.1 Error After Loading New Mapping to a Location. "Error While Parsing Entity Name"
Document 1052993.1 How to Setup Drill Through from Financial Management (HFM) to Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) Version
Document 816183.1 DCOM Error Message in Windows Event Viewer for Load Balance Manager or Application Server components
Document 986694.1 Export to Excel Hangs in FDM How to Un-Register Essbase Add-In in EPM System
Document 603737.1 FDM Schema Update Error "91 - Object Variable with Block Variable Not Set"
Document 815038.1 Cannot Publish Report to Excel for One Location
Document 951369.1 Configure and use ERPi as a Replacement to the Financial Data Quality Management EBS Adapter
Document 1052154.1 How to Leverage Multiple FDM ERPi Adapters
Document 602380.1 Setup and Configuration for HFM Audit Intersection (DrillBack) into FDM
Document 981794.1 How to Configure and Setup DrillBack from Hyperion Enterprise (HE) into Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
Document 882510.1 Error: "The XML page cannot be displayed" After Clicking the Validate Fish Inside of Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
Document 739664.1 Workbench Error "2037 - Database User ID and Password are Required" for Login During Application Logon
Document 968084.1 FDM URL Link from HFM causes FDM Window to Close Unexpectedly
Document 942561.1 Setting Up Conditional Maps in FDM
Document 1101084.1 How to Set Up Essbase Adapter's Calc Script to Prevent Delete for Previous Years
Document 1114660.1 Incorrect Date in the Period Field of the Check Report
Document 800476.1 Tips for FDM Registering with Shared Services
Document 1090074.1 Failure to Create New FDM Application on 64-bit Windows
Document 780874.1 How to Verify EBS Setup for DrillBack to EBS in FDM
Document 745230.1 How to Configure FDM to Authenticate on Shared Services

Error Messages/Bugs

Document 1065546.1 FDM Error "Index Was Out of Range" in User Maintenance When Pulling Users From Shared Services
Document 603191.1 Exporting Maps as Excel, Receive "Error: ActiveX component can't create object"
Document 840319.1 Periodic data export fails loading into HFM with "No Such Member PER"
Document 963032.1 Data Access Error or "There is Invalid Cell Data" in the Logic for the type 'Function' in Financial Data Quality Management
Document 852117.1 "Essbase API Procedure: [EsbInit] Threw code: 1030723" When Testing Financial Data Quality Management Integration into Essbase
Document 727112.1 User Unable to Load FDM Data into HFM, Receive "Could not Authenticate the Specified User. %0"
Document 880148.1 "Cannot Create ActiveX Component" Error When Configuring the FDM WebConfig Manager
Document 973722.1 "Type Mismatch - 13" Error When Logging into a Financial Data Quality Management Application Deployed Against SharedServices
Document 597376.1 FDM Integration with HFM Error: "Server/Cluster is incorrectly configured. Please reconfigure your Cluster or Server connection
Document 1132723.1 Export To Excel error "SaveAs method of Workbook class failed" in FDM 11.1.2
Document 1073992.1 Receive Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'HSVMETADATALib.HsvMetadata'" when Integrating with HFM and FDM Installed in a 64bit OS
Document 1179495.1 Error: "HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error" Unable to Run FDM and EPM Simultaeneously on IIS7 64bit Installation
Document 1229893.1 Error: "This application is not registered with Shared Services." when trying to add a newly provisioned user to FDM
Document 1151723.1 Error: "Unable to get the user named (xxxxx) on computer or domain named (xxxxxx)! Cannot create ActiveX Component" When Running the FDM Web Config Manager Windows 2008
Document 1195948.1 FDM Import Error "Error: Invalid Option Key: Fileprompt"
Document 1118753.1 FDM Validate Error "The stylesheet does not contain a document element"
Document 780239.1 Integrating with Hyperion HFM Returns "Error At Line: 45 [Inner Except]: [Stack Trace]"
Document 1139713.1 Shared Services Provisioning Fails Error "30:1101:JNDI"
Document 597518.1 FDM Receive "ERROR: Description [Script failure caused error]: Object doesn't support this property or method Procedure clsEventHandler.PobjAPI_ImportAction" During Import
Document 757127.1 FDM Error: "Run-Time error '91': Object variable or with block variable not set" When Trying to Import XML File Via Workbench
Document 760291.1 FDM XML Import Fails with Error "An Error Occurred Importing the File: Detail: Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set"
Document 800406.1 Error at Line 45 Browsing to the Target System in the Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) Maps

Document 862633.1 FDM Error: "Object variable or With block variable not set" During Export to Excel and Creating Locations

Document 1213783.1 Error Logging into FDM Workbench "Invalid User Name or Password, No Permission to Create or Add a New FDM Application - 2653"

Document 1053623.1 FDM Adapter Configuration Error on 64 Bit Operating System
Document 599765.1 When Exporting a Grid in FDM to Excel Receive "ActiveX component can't create object"

General Information

Document 1080315.1 How Can IIS Be Enabled for 32 Bit Applications to Run FDM on a 64 bit Operating System?
Document 966752.1 Message "DATABASE/SCHEMA ALREADY EXISTS" when Creating a new Financial Data Quality Management Application
Document 604711.1 How to Setup Sticky Server between HFM and FDM
Document 739174.1 How to export the Metadata of FDM to an XML file
Document 942558.1 Where is Table Editor in FDM
Document 758003.1 How to Load PERIODIC Instead of YTD Data in FDM

EPM System Defects Fixed Finder Document 1292603.1
Installation and Configuration information Click Here


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