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How to Configure FDM to Authenticate Against Shared Services

How to Configure FDM to Authenticate Against Shared Services [ID 745230.1]

Applies to:

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Version: and later [Release: 9.3 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


The following is an outline of the steps required to leverage SharedServices as an authentication mechanism for situations where only SharedServices native accounts are used. 

It is key to note that FDM releases prior to v11. do not 'integrate' with SharedServices. This article will only cover information on how to leverage the LDAP directory provider SharedServices has built-in for 'Native' accounts.


Configure Shared Services for v2 of LDAP

  1. Browse to the Shared Services directory :
  2. Open the sldap.conf file
  3. Add the following lines:
    # Added to support FDM Authentication
    allow bind_v2

Restart SharedServices Service

  1. Start -> Run -> Services.msc 
  2. Restart 'Hyperion SharedServices9 OpenLDAP'

Configure FDM LoadBalance Manager

  1. Start -> Hyperion System 9 Applications+ -> Financial Data Quality Management ->
    LoadBalance Manager -> LoadBalance Manager Configuration
  2. Choose the 'Authentication Providers' Tab
  3. Click 'Add'
  4. From the drop down choose 'LDAP'
  5. Provide/Enter a Description
  6. In the Server Name field enter the Shared-Services Server Name
  7. In the Port field enter 58089
  8. In the Directory Info Tree field enter 'DC=css,DC=Hyperion,DC=com'
  9. In the User Name field enter: 'CN=911,OU=People'
    This is the 'Admin' account for SharedServices If you want to use another user, you can use an LDAP browser to find another person to bind as and enter that CN above.
  10. In the Password/Confirm Password fields enter the password for the account
  11. Click the 'User Verification Tab'
  12. Enter a Logon Attribute 'cssDisplayNameDefault'

Test Authentication Provider

  1. Go back to the 'General' tab and click 'Logon Test'
  2. Enter a valid Shared Services UserName/Password
  3. If successful save the changes to the Authentication Provider

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