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Master Note for Governance Risk and Compliance Manager (GRCM) 7.8 in oracle GRC

Master Note for Governance Risk and Compliance Manager (GRCM) 7.8 

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Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager - Version 7.8 to 7.8 [Release Rel 12]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

This Master Note answers questions and provides current information about the GRCM 7.8 release.  It contains a list of available externally published GRC Manager 7.8 Notes organized into sections.  This Master Note was last updated on 10-18-2012.

Certification Matrix
See Document 741001.1 for the current GRCM Certification Matrix.
Software Download Location
The complete GRC Manager 7.8 release is a combination of the GRCM 7.8 software and the UCM 7.5.2 software.  The GRCM 7.8 software is available as Patch 12751816 on My Oracle Support https://support.oracle.com.   Follow the instructions below to download the GRC Manager 7.8 release software.
1.      Go to  https://support.oracle.com and login to My Oracle Support
2.      Select the Patches and Updates tab.
3.      Enter in the Patch Number 12751816 and click the Search button.
4.      Click on the patch link and then the Download button.
The UCM 7.5.2 software is not available for download anywhere on the Oracle site and will need a Media Request Service Request opened in order to obtain the software.
Patch Information
  • Note 760314.1  GRC Manager 7.8 has been Released with Patchsets

Newly Created or Updated Notes
  • Note 1499825.1  GRCM 7.8 Not Receiving email Notification When a Business Process Enters ValidateBusinessProcess Workflow
  • Note 1487862.1  GRCM 7.8 Single Sign On (SSO) not working, IE Browser prompts for login
  • Note 1477275.1  GRCM 7.8 Audit Map Filter Does Not Funtion Properly in GRCM When Searching For Processes
  • Note 1450207.1  GRCM 7.8 User With Admin Role Can Add Test Result in Mgmt Assessment Without Permissions
  • Note 1450261.1  GRCM 7.8 Management Assessment In Scope FilterSelection Does not Work Correctly
  • Note 1450309.1  Cannot Make Managment Assessment Reviewers Mandatory in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1450274.1  Mass Update Controls Creates Numerous Version Documents in GRCM 7.8

Notes about GRC Manager Requirements and Limitations
  • Note 1387303.1  Upload the GRCM e100server.config file and Ensure the Correct Product is Selected for the Service Request
  • Note 447333.1  Cloning, Migrating, Backup Governance Risk Compliance Manager
  • Note 956132.1  Unable To Create New Organization Map Node Using Internet Explorer 8 on GRC Manager 7.8
  • Note 980626.1  Can We Install Two Instances of GRC Manager 7.8 on The Same Server?
  • Note 1105690.1  How Can You Set Password Expiration to be 90 days and Also Enforce a Minimum Password Length in GRCM
  • Note 1071607.1  Is There a Way To Install a GRC Manager 7.8 Environment With High Availability Clustering Options?
  • Note 450503.1  Is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Compatible With the GRC Manager Application?
  • Note 461085.1  What are the supported Platforms for Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager?
  • Note 1381505.1  Are the Macintosh Computers Supported as a client in GRCM 7.8?
  • Note 749982.1  Is The GRC Manager 7.8 Software Supported On a VMware Virtual Machine?
  • Note 737690.1  Can you install GRCM 7.8 with Oracle 10g RAC database?
  • Note 1054052.1  Can GRC Manager (GRCM) 7.8 be Integrated With GRC Controls (GRCC) Version 8.5?
  • Note 986544.1  Can The GRC Manager Virtual Directory and The Content Server Virtual Directory Be Located Under Separate Websites in IIS Web Server?
  • Note 577696.1  Approval Messages Do Not Show Up in My Inbox in GRC Manager
  • Note 781711.1  What are the Major, Minor, and Maintenance GA Releases for the GRC Manager?

Notes about GRC Manager Installation Issues?
  • Note 1101821.1  Receiving The Error, 'Oraoledb.Oracle' provider is not registered on the local machine, During The Post Installation GRCM 7.8 Steps
  • Note 1269929.1  GRCM 7.8 Creating New Business Process Receives JavaScript Error in AdminTreeFunctions.js Function "expand(objDiv)"
  • Note 1150416.1  Receiving Invalid Unicode Character Error in GRCM After Data Migration
  • Note 789821.1  The Following Error is Seen in the Event Viewer When GRC Manager is Started: "e100.e100Exception unable to connect to the remote server"
  • Note 783554.1  Installing GRC Manager 7.8, Received Internal Error 2908 and Error 1406: "Could not write value Local Package to key\products \...\InstallProperties"
  • Note 828726.1  e100Server.config cannot be read successfully due to exception System.ApplicationException: Invalid XML Error Starting a New GRCM Install
  • Note 445559.1  Resolving SocketException Errors When Attempting to Start GRCM Solution by Changing Port Numbers
  • Note 828756.1  Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50 Error on New GRCM Install
  • Note 856173.1  Is There A Dataloader, Or Other Bulk Method To Load Information Into GRC Manager?
  • Note 800565.1  How to Setup Oracle GRCManager 7.8 Active Directory (ADSI) Security
  • Note 1487862.1  GRCM 7.8 Single Sign On (SSO) not working, IE Browser prompts for login
  • Note 753504.1  How To Install the 11 Workflows That Are Mentioned in the Installation Guide for GRC Manager
  • Note 448017.1  TargetInvocationException Error When Accessing GRC Manager
  • Note 783910.1  Error When Checking In Map in New GRC Manager Install: "Content item was not successfully checked in. The content ID must be specified"
  • Note 812763.1  Error after installation of GRC Manager: "Attributelockchildrenhasanillegalvalueonelement in AppState.InitializeWorkFlowForms"
  • Note 859471.1  Error When Trying To Add an Attachment To a Business Process: "Unable to generate a temporary class  (result=1). error CS200" 
  • Note 446000.1  GRC Manager (GRCM) Error: "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found."
  • Note 783561.1  Error When Starting Up the GRC Manager Application After Installation: "Could Not Find The Target Url"
  • Note 755895.1  How To Resolve The Getlocalorgmap: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Error
  • Note 579103.1  Values for Field Created Through GRC Manager are not Saved When Populated
  • Note 784523.1  How Do You Manually Uninstall The GRC Manager Application When The Application is Not Listed in The Add/Remove Programs Manager?

Notes about Configuring GRC Manager?
  • Note 1227646.1  How To Configure GRCM 7.8 To Throw an Exception and Not an Application Error?
  • Note 1241394.1  How To Make the Risk Criticality Field Not Be Required in GRCM 7.8?
  • Note 1068290.1  How To Allow Email Notifications to be Sent to the Originator of an Action Item or Issue When the Status Changes to Closed or Canceled
  • Note 1262110.1  How Do You Change the Mail Server that the GRCM Application Uses to Send Email?
  • Note 1196479.1  Some Data fields are Not Propagated in GRCM with MCL or MPL
  • Note 1268680.1  How to Increase the Field Size for Test Instructions to be 2000 Characters in GRCM?
  • Note 1216504.1  How To Increase Field Length of Audit Cycle and Financial Statement in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 986058.1  How Do You Enable The "Get" Link For The Attachments in GRCM 7.8?
  • Note 800046.1  What Are The List of Possible Values For The Configuration Entries NOTIFY_RECEPIENTS_SOA_DSR and NOTIFY_RECEPIENTS_SOA_ISS?
  • Note 982193.1  How Do You Make The Control Description Field Mandatory When Creating a New Control in GRC Manager 7.8?
  • Note 782812.1  How To Disable Mandatory Fields in GRC Manager During Business Process And Control Creation
  • Note 743077.1  How Do You Copy Custom User Defined Field Values from One Business Process to Another In GRC Manager?
  • Note 780980.1  How Do You Get User Defined Field Values Defined in The Master Component Library (MCL) Propagated To All The Linked Business Processes?
  • Note 1056959.1  How To Increase The Length of Certain Fields in GRC Manager
  • Note 446261.1  How to Change the Title Field (dDocTitle) From a Maximum of 80 Characters to a Maximum of 255
  • Note 1350467.1  How To Increase the ASP.NET Timeout For the GRC Manager When Opening a Test Plan to Avoid Timeout Exception?
  • Note 1326007.1  How To Increase The ASP.NET Execution Timeout For GRC Manager When Using the Mass Update Function To Avoid Timeout Exception?
  • Note 1128604.1  How to Increase The ASP.NET Timeout For The GRC Manager MCL Propagation Process To Avoid pPerformUpdateFromMaster Error
  • Note 445759.1  How to Increase The ASP.NET Timeout For The GRC Manager Copy Process To Avoid inpPerformCopyProcess Error
  • Note 603759.1  How To Change The Oracle GRC Manager Database Definition To Communicate With a Different Database Server?
  • Note 756694.1  How To Resolve "Remotingexception: Service Not Found" Error When Accessing GRC Manager by Changing the Port Number
  • Note 848349.1  How To Configure the InitDelay Service Tag in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 749944.1  How Do You Give The Business Process Owner The Ability To Retire The Business Process In The GRC Manager Application?
  • Note 742295.1  How Do You Default The GRC Manager User Interface To Be Displayed in English
  • Note 736461.1  What Are The Steps To Change The Name Of The Optional 4th Map Name On The GRC Manager Select Map Screen?
Notes about GRC Manager Patched Issues?
  • Note 760314.1   GRC Manager 7.8 has been Released with Patchsets
  • Note 1499825.1  GRCM 7.8 Not Receiving email Notification When a Business Process Enters ValidateBusinessProcess Workflow
  • Note 1477275.1  GRCM 7.8 Audit Map Filter Does Not Funtion Properly in GRCM When Searching For Processes
  • Note 1450207.1  GRCM 7.8 User With Admin Role Can Add Test Result in Mgmt Assessment Without Permissions
  • Note 1450261.1  GRCM 7.8 Management Assessment In Scope FilterSelection Does not Work Correctly
  • Note 1450309.1  Cannot Make Managment Assessment Reviewers Mandatory in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1450274.1  Mass Update Controls Creates Numerous Version Documents in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1421081.1  GRCM 7.8 Cannot Make Management Assessment Reviewers Mandatory in Wizard or Assessment
  • Note 1337683.1  Unable to Change The Assigned To User on an Action Item in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1338030.1  The In Scope Field Value on a Control Changes From YES to NO After Edit of Related Risk in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1143878.1  How to Determine What Patch Level is Installed in the GRC Manager Environment?
  • Note 1278024.1  All Business Processess Are Displayed With The Same Title on Mass Update Page in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 1268522.1  GRCM 7.8 "Add Control" Button is Active for a Test Plan when Not in "Edit" State
  • Note 1210344.1  GRCM 7.8 Process Profile Report Returns Inconsistent Results
  • Note 1181684.1  Exception With Audit Map Length Over 250 Characters After Installing GRCM 7.8 Patchset 10
  • Note 1181643.1  GRCM 7.8 Admin Overrides For Management Workflows Not Functioning Properly.
  • Note 1181531.1  GRCM Exception When Initiating Testing or Assessment From Top of Organizational Map
  • Note 1070549.1  The Workflow History Information in GRC Manager 7.8 is Not Always Sorted Correctly by Date
  • Note 983975.1  The Date For United Kingdom is Being Stored and Displayed in The Wrong Format in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 961753.1  Users Have To Relogin To GRC Manager After Attaching File With Multiple Attachments Option Enabled
  • Note 880976.1  Error Message Received When Clicking On A Control In A Test Plan Test Cover in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 850421.1  The Content Item is No Longer in The System Error is Logged When Adding a New Business Process in GRCM
  • Note 850441.1  JavaScript Error in function "selectAddlMap()" When editing the Business Process and Pressing The "i" Button For The Optional 4th Map
  • Note 880387.1  Workflow Contributor Email Value Not Being Defined For GRCM Using Oracle Database
  • Note 881014.1  Control Owner is Not Able To Test Control During Audit Testing in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 850463.1  Control Owner of Retired Control Still Needs To Update Test Plan Document Before Test Will Complete
  • Note 837238.1  The Original Test Instructions From When The Test Was Executed For a Completed Test Are Not Retained
  • Note 850957.1  Initiating Testing From Organizational Map With Control Owner Feature Enabled The Test Cover Document is Not Being Routed To Control Owners
  • Note 851007.1  When Executing Controls In Scope Testing a Control Owner is Unable To Select Testing Complete Until All Other Controls Owners Complete Testing
  • Note 808370.1  Invalid Date Format Error When GRCM Date Format is DD/MM/YYYY on Action Item Due Date Using French Language Preference
  • Note 781003.1  The "Add attachment" Button is Only Active For Controls and is Not Available For Assertions and Risks When Adding Objects From The MCL
  • Note 761691.1  GRC Manager MPL Propagation Always Sets In Scope Flag Value To No In Linked Business Process
  • Note 762283.1  Unable To Remove The Initiate Management Assessment Link From The Organizational Map User Interface
  • Note 747693.1  Test Results Lose Link To Test Instructions When An Edit Is Made To The Control
  • Note 747278.1  Exception Received When Attempting To Edit a Control After Rejecting The Data Collection Workflow
  • Note 762269.1  BPCreator User Can Only Edit or Initiate a Test Plan When They Are The Owner Of The Test Plan
  • Note 739962.1  ORA-12704: Character Set Mismatch Exception When Opening a Business Process in GRC Manager 7.8 Using Oracle Database

Notes about GRC Manager Issues with Workarounds?
  • Note 1099924.1  Received "Thread was being aborted" Exception When Running Report in GRC Manager
  • Note 1084912.1  How Can I Delete a Control in a Business Process That is Already Initiated in GRC Manager?
  • Note 1081547.1  How Can You Re-assign The Tester Field on a Test Plan Cover in GRCM After The Test Plan Has Already Been Started
  • Note 1074943.1 A "Deleted Map Element" Entry is Listed in a Control After Deleting a Map Entry From The Optional 4th Map in GRCM
  • Note 1211794.1  How Do You Get the Default Templates Directory and All four Sub-directories Back Into the Organizational Map?
  • Note 1052051.1  Unable To Create a User Defined Field in GRC Manager 7.8
  • Note 1086004.1  GRCM 7.x Errors During MCL Propagation: pvSendRequestToStellent: The operation timed out
  • Note 979722.1  GRCM 7.8 User Defined Fields will not save after installing Patchset5
  • Note 733046.1  Receiving Timeout Exception in GRC Manager Application when Adding Large Attachments
  • Note 822626.1  Access denied Occurs When Adding a User Defined Field in GRCM Using NTLM Authentication
  • Note 953822.1  How Do You Select a Past Date for Expected Completion Date Under the Remediation Tab When Creating Issues in GRCM 7.8
  • Note 738852.1  GRC Manager Users Are Unable To Edit Document When In Data Collection Workflow
  • Note 760681.1  Receiving Object reference Exception Error When Running Any Report in GRC Manager
  • Note 951308.1  Receiving Error "Argument 'Index' Is Not A Valid Value" When Refreshing From MCL Process
  • Note 941911.1  Receiving Error Message When Uploading Large File To GRC Manager
  • Note 552976.1  Active Directory User Attributes are Missing From the Users Table for New Users Logging Into the GRCM Application
  • Note 822653.1  Why Are ADSI External User Names Listed in Reverse Order as Lastname Firstname, and Have To Search Using Opposite Name Search Boxes?
  • Note 448916.1  Calendar is out of date - User Unable to Run Reports
  • Note 448462.1  Exception Received When Attempting To Approve a Business Process
  • Note 755904.1  Invalid Unicode Errors When Cutting and Pasting From Excel Document to GRC Manager
  • Note 757241.1  Workflow Email Notifications Generated By Oracle GRC Manager Have Incorrect URL Link Definition
  • Note 738630.1  Unable To Open Some Business Processes: "Invalid unicode character" Error
  • Note 1064415.1  How To Resolve ORA-00942 Exception in GRCM 7.8 When I Create a Map Entry, Add in New Fiscal Periods, or Create a New Business Process?
  • Note 784608.1  Maximum Request Length Exceeded When Attempting To Add a New Node To a Map File in GRC Manager
  • Note 746364.1  Exception Error Encountered When Adding Multiple Associated Risks To Controls In GRCM
  • Note 784617.1  Error inSaveMap Thread was being aborted Exception When Attempting To Add a New Node To a Map File in GRC Manager
  • Note 789693.1  GRCM Assertions Risks Controls Matrix Report Timing Out
  • Note 445569.1  Resolving Orphaned Issues in GRC Manager

Notes about General GRC Manager Information?
  • Note 1317066.1  How is a New User Defined Field Added to the GRCM 7.8 Application?
  • Note 1091814.1  Is There An Addon required For GRCM 7.8 To Be Able To Script Survey Templates?
  • Note 761621.1  Where Is the Contributor Name Obtained From in GRC Manager Emails?
  • Note 445379.1  How To Interpret the GRC Manager Heat Report
  • Note 447622.1  How is the Heat Map is calculated on the Executive Dashboard?
  • Note 738871.1  How Do You Delete an Organizational Map from the GRC Manager Application?
  • Note 859553.1  How Can You Remove a Test Results Document From The GRC Manager Application?
  • Note 741243.1  Is There a Way to Replace an Attachment to a Test Cover That Is In a Status of Released?
  • Note 798068.1  Can The User Assigned to The Organizational Folder Permission Ever Be Removed Once Assigned in The GRCM Manager?
  • Note 977627.1  Is the Unicode Patch 7496670 Included in the GRCM 7.8 Base Patchsets?
  • Note 728200.1  How Do I Refresh GRC Manager Views When The "Refresh DB Views" Button on the Configuration Administration Page is Missing?
  • Note 856126.1  What Is Recommended Design of Organization Map and Are There Any Samples, Best-Practices or Recommendations for Organization Map Setup?
  • Note 807248.1  Why Does Running the GRCM Report "All Controls Tested Within the Period" Produce No Results?
  • Note 814354.1  How Can Test Results be Viewed While Creating an Issue After Rejecting a Test?
  • Note 449767.1  Is There a Reason Why a Business Processes Would Have All of The Buttons Greyed Out When it is in a Released State?
  • Note 740503.1  Best Practices For Backups of GRC Manager
  • Note 805441.1  Control Version and Content Server Revision Values Do Not Always Match on Control History Page
  • Note 601530.1  Is It Possible To Edit a Process That Has Been Retired?
  • Note 1052033.1  What is The Full Product Name That Should Be Selected in My Oracle Support When Opening Service Requests For The GRC Products? 

Notes about GRC Manager Third Party Product Issues?
  • Note 790631.1  E-mail Notification Body issues using Microsoft Exchange mail servers
  • Note 760299.1  GRC Controls Are Not Available Through GRC Manager
  • Note 470804.1  Unable to Login, Access Portal.htm, or Browse to any Content Server Page for Which Windows Event Viewer Event IDs 2214 and 2268are Thrown
  • Note 845799.1  JavaScript Error with Lotus Notes
  • Note 813656.1  Parser Error Message: Unrecognized configuration section 'xhtmlConformance' 1.1.4322.2379     

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