Tuesday, 18 August 2015

PAYMENT_TYPE_FLAG in AP_CHECKS_ALL table in oracle apps


Important columns: 
AMOUNT : Payment amount
BANK_ACCOUNT_ID : longer used
BANK_ACCOUNT_NAME : Bank account name
CHECK_ID NUMBER : Payment identifier
CHECK_NUMBER : Payment number
VENDOR_NAME :  Supplier name
VENDOR_SITE_CODE :  Supplier site code

PAYMENT_TYPE_FLAG : Type of payment
A - Payment Process Request
M - Manual
Q - Quick payment
R - Reunfund

AP_CHECKS_ALL stores information about payments issued to suppliers or refunds received from suppliers.  You need one row for each payment you issue to a supplier or refund received from a supplier. Your Oracle Payables application uses this information to record payments you make to suppliers or refunds you receive from suppliers. Your Oracle Payables application stores the supplier name and bank account name for auditing purposes, in case either one is changed after you create the payment.

Your Oracle Payables application stores address information for all payments. If you allow changes to the supplier payment address on manual payments or Quick payments, your Oracle Payables application maintains the new address information in this table. Your Oracle Payables application uses BANK_ACCOUNT_NUM, BANK_NUM, and BANK_ACCOUNT_TYPE for the supplier's bank information when you use the Electronic payment method. Your Oracle Payables application stores a dummy value for CHECK_STOCK_ID for refunds, thus, CHECK_STOCK_ID should not be treated as a foreign key to AP_CHECK_STOCKS_ALL in the case of refunds.

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