Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Relation between Ledger , Legal entity, Operating Unit information in Oracle Apps R12

Information can be retrieved from the table:


Query for Ledger, OU, Legal Enity, balancing segment:

SELECT hrl.country, hroutl_bg.NAME bg, hroutl_bg.organization_id,
       lep.legal_entity_id, lep.NAME legal_entity,
       hroutl_ou.NAME ou_name, hroutl_ou.organization_id org_id,
  FROM xle_entity_profiles lep,
       xle_registrations reg,
       hr_locations_all hrl,
       hz_parties hzp,
       fnd_territories_vl ter,
       hr_operating_units hro,
       hr_all_organization_units_tl hroutl_bg,
       hr_all_organization_units_tl hroutl_ou,
       hr_organization_units gloperatingunitseo,
       gl_legal_entities_bsvs glev
 WHERE lep.transacting_entity_flag = 'Y'
   AND lep.party_id = hzp.party_id
   AND lep.legal_entity_id = reg.source_id
   AND reg.source_table = 'XLE_ENTITY_PROFILES'
   AND hrl.location_id = reg.location_id
   AND reg.identifying_flag = 'Y'
   AND ter.territory_code = hrl.country
   AND lep.legal_entity_id = hro.default_legal_context_id
   AND gloperatingunitseo.organization_id = hro.organization_id
   AND hroutl_bg.organization_id = hro.business_group_id
   AND hroutl_ou.organization_id = hro.organization_id
   AND glev.legal_entity_id = lep.legal_entity_id

                                                The short answer is sort of. Which is not much help to anyone, hopefully you will have a few moments to read on and I can explain myself. This post assumes that you understand the relationship between Legal Entities and Ledgers which I discussed in an earlier.
XLE brand

                                                          In R12, a new Legal Entity Configurator was introduced in financials and Legal Entities defined here are are assigned to Ledgers and/or Balancing Segments (Company Codes). However it is not possible to assign a Financials Legal Entity to an Operating Unit, you can only define a Default Legal Context (DLC) to an Operating Unit. This assignment can cause confusion as it is only possible to assign one DLC, but I can use more than one LE in that Operating Unit. The key word in DLC is default.
                                                          When I am in Payables or Receivables the LE is stamped on the transactions and used to identify the Legal Owner for Legal reporting as well as Tax calculation. The invoice exists within an OU and that OU has a ledger which will account the transactions, if that has more than one LE associated with it then a hierarchy of LE derivation is used to default an LE, the last resort being the DLC.
For example in AR the Legal Entity derivation hierarchy for transactions is
  1. Transaction Type
  2. Batch Source
                                                     Assigning a LE to a transaction type or batch source is optional and only the LE’s mapped to the Ledger associated with the OU are available to assign.
                                                     So in R12 we have much better support for many LE accounted in a single OU as we clearly mark the LE on the transactions.

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