Saturday, 28 March 2015

How the Oracle GRC Applications Suite Helps

                                                         Oracle provides an enterprise GRC platform for managing the changes to business processes and controls that are inherent in an EBS upgrade. The platform integrates documentation and process management, automated controls enforcement, and business intelligence to provide comprehensive capabilities for compliance and risk management requirements. By leveraging the Oracle GRC applications suite, organizations can ensure sustainable compliance, sound business processes, and protected information in post-upgrade operations. The Oracle GRC applications suite includes the following modules:
» Oracle Enterprise GRC Manager (EGRCM) provides the shared foundation and tools needed for enterprise-wide management of GRC programs and reduces overlapping and redundant policies, processes, risks, and controls.
» Oracle Fusion GRC Intelligence (FGRCI) empowers organizations to stay on top of critical risk management activities. It offers visibility into an organization’s upgrade readiness and risk responsiveness by providing risk, control and performance analytics and dashboards.
» Oracle Advanced Controls (OAC) continuously monitors, enforces and optimizes processes to prevent prohibited or suspicious activities. By monitoring critical setups and user access, it ensures adherence to company policy by identifying control breaches as soon as possible. There are several control governors that comprise OAC:
» Oracle Configuration Controls Governor (CCG) - Controls and tracks changes to key application setup and master data to facilitate change management without burdening core business operations. The solution records designated setup values, permitting quick examination and evaluation of new values and comparison of values from different releases, points in time or environments. It also performs continuous monitoring once the upgrade is done to ensure ongoing configuration integrity.
» Oracle Application Access Controls Governor (AACG) - Provides real-time monitoring and preventive enforcement of crucial access policies. The system anticipates potential segregation of duty (SOD) conflicts before they arise and prevents the assignment of roles or responsibilities within an application that would compromise proper SOD policies.
» Oracle Preventive Controls Governor (PCG) - Provides fine-grained control over users’ activities (e.g., viewing and editing key data), while tracking users’ changes, both completed and attempted. Organizations can limit or control the fields that users can view and edit, define the types of data that users can input in various fields, and limit transaction values to enforce financial and operational controls.
» Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor (ETCG) - Continuously monitors transactions to detect suspicious transactions and redundant business practices. During upgrades, companies will undertake changes in policies and controls, leaving them vulnerable to waste and fraud. ETCG spots anomalies in everyday transactions, thereby reducing cash leakage, and avoiding fraud and costly remediation.

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