Monday, 3 October 2016

Budget Planning Element Detail Query

/* Formatted on 10/3/2016 8:00:47 PM (QP5 v5.114.809.3010) */
SELECT   NVL (, AS task_name,
         rlm.alias AS planning_resource,
  FROM   pa_budget_versions bv,
         pa_fin_plan_types_b pt,
         pa_proj_fp_options po,
         pa_resource_assignments ra,
         pa_resource_list_members rlm,
         pa_projects_all p,
         pa_proj_elements pe,
         pa_proj_element_versions pev
 WHERE   bv.budget_version_id =
            (SELECT   budget_version_id
               FROM   pa_budget_versions
              WHERE   project_id = :p_project_id
                      AND fin_plan_type_id =
                            (SELECT   fin_plan_type_id
                               FROM   pa_fin_plan_types_vl
                              WHERE   migrated_frm_bdgt_typ_code = 'AC'
                                      AND UPPER (NAME) =
                                            UPPER ('Approved Cost Budget'))
                      AND budget_status_code = 'B'
                      AND current_flag = 'Y')
         AND bv.project_id = p.project_id
         AND bv.fin_plan_type_id = pt.fin_plan_type_id
         AND bv.budget_version_id = po.fin_plan_version_id
         AND po.fin_plan_option_level_code = 'PLAN_VERSION'
         AND po.fin_plan_version_id = bv.budget_version_id
         AND bv.budget_version_id = ra.budget_version_id
         AND ra.resource_list_member_id = rlm.resource_list_member_id
         AND ra.task_id = pev.proj_element_id(+)
         AND pev.parent_structure_version_id(+) =
               pa_planning_element_utils.get_fin_struct_id (
         AND pev.proj_element_id = pe.proj_element_id(+);

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