Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Open GL Accounting Period

                                                     Open GL Accounting Period
Since the Ledger 'Tata Ledger' is already setup.
Now let us open our first accounting period of this ledger.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User > Setup > Open/Close
It leads to the following screen
Since we are opening the very first period of the ledger, following screen appears.
Click on 'Open' button. It Launches a Concurrent Program 'Open Period'
Which leads to the following screen
While defining the Primary Ledger, Number of Future Enterable Periods is setup as '1'. Hence it is showing only one period as 'Future - Entry' in the above screen.

=> Now if i want Nov-12 period then click on 'Open Period' button in the above screen.
Enter Target Period as 'Nov-12' and click on 'Open' button. Again it launches 'Open Period' concurrent program and it opens all periods until 'Nov-12'. See the screenshot below.
1. We can not open Mar-13 Period in the above calendar until we define Calendar for 2013. This is because we need one future enterable period as mentioned above.
2. When we open Journal Entry form, it always shows latest open period.
Period Statuses Enter Journal Post Journal Reports
Never Opened No No No
Open Yes Yes Yes
Future Yes No No
Closed No No Yes
Permanantly Closed No No Yes
4. A 'Closed' Period can be OPENed. But you can not open 'Permanently Closed' Period

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